cyber attacksCyber attacks have become more frequent and severe these days, and most of them target small businesses. Professionals have estimated that the incidents of cybersecurity would cost businesses more than $5 trillion within five years.

Hackers know very well that most smaller organizations aren’t prepared against data breaches, which makes them the perfect targets for cyberattacks.

Smaller firms should have an effective security method to defend confidential information against various types of cyber threats. Last year, about 47% of small companies suffered a cyberattack and out of that figure, 44% have gone through more than one cyberattack.

A cyberattack’s average cost reached a minimum of $200,000 from $34,000 for a single incident. The cost alone presents a significant setback that will prevent small businesses from resuming their operations.

Every Company is at Risk to Experience a Cyber Attack

Small companies in different sectors are vulnerable to security and data breaches. As IT infrastructures become much more complicated to support the ever-growing IT demands of companies these days, security measures must evolve too, in order to support such sophisticated setups.



Cybercriminals and hackers are always ahead so much that almost every company will suffer a cybersecurity breach at one point. For smaller companies these days, it’s not about if a data breach will happen but when. That’s why you need to prioritize small business network security. However, some businesses don’t realize this yet. Cybercriminals will take every opportunity to exploit network vulnerabilities that companies might not even know about, creating an approach according to a particular risk is important for mitigating these devastating attacks successfully. A lot of companies don’t have any plan in place in case a security breach happens, let alone the needed protection to avoid an infringement in the first place.

Improve Your Network Security

The best way to avoid cyber attack is to take a multifaceted method to cybersecurity. Many small companies have confidential information, which is at risk of becoming targets by cybercriminals.

Here are a few things you can do to improve the network security of your company.

Data backup is a must. You need to do this every day. It will help you recover your data in case your network or system becomes compromised.

You should also install as well as update your apps, systems, and networks to avoid attacks. Make sure the firewall is set up and configured properly and the encryption methods are updated to keep confidential data safe.

Perform vulnerability tests on your company’s network to close the openings and deal with the weak points right away before they could be exploited by cybercriminals.

You should also utilize multifactor authentication to minimize your chances of an unauthorized individual from accessing your network.

You should train your employees regularly. Present real-world scenarios so they know how to identify threats and how they could respond properly.

Implementing the appropriate cybersecurity approach for your company could be difficult if you’re not an IT support expert. However, that shouldn’t give you an excuse to ignore it. Hire an expert right away like SpartanTec, Inc. to help you out.

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