firewallsFirewalls are crucial. Cybercrime can come at any time and at any direction and that is why some experts believe that it poses the biggest danger to companies all over the world. Having said that, when you’re doing online business, the best approach involves securing hardware and software services for the operators and owners of small businesses today.

Understanding Cybercrime

A lot of people think that only big companies or major banks need security and protection against fraud and cyberattacks. However, the statistics, show a much horrible truth. Hackers could attack anyone and any company, regardless of how big your business is or what industry you’re in. To put it simply, you need a firewall if you’re doing business online.



More than 50% of the victims of cyberattacks are small businesses and it’s expected to cost the business community across the world about $6 trillion. Moreover, small business could be targeted much frequently compared to bigger firms since hackers think that they do not have the appropriate infrastructure in place, which unfortunately, is a very common case. And when owners of small businesses get affected, they could also find themselves in the crosshair of a lawsuit if it’s proven that they have been negligent in the personal data of their client or customers.

This is a real danger for all those who are doing online business, not only for the owner but for their clients, too. Because of this, it’s crucial for small businesses to have hardware firewalls.

What are firewalls and how does it help?

You just have to look at the numbers to know that you need protection. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with firewalls. Here are some points that will help you understand what it is and how it can help your business.

Think of firewalls Charleston SC as the police. Their job is to check all of the incoming and outgoing traffic to make sure that there are no problems. That’s how a firewall works. It inspects everything that comes in and out of the network to make sure that the traffic is not malicious and is safe.

What is the difference between a software and hardware firewall?

For people who are tech savvy, hardware firewalls are routers that use network address translation that runs a certain protection software. Large and small companies utilize hardware firewalls to prevent cybercriminals from getting access to their systems and confidential data.

Meanwhile, software firewalls network security are installed only on certain computers. Although they can help, they work in a less effective manner compared to hardware firewalls and need to be set up on every device in order to operate. Because of this, a hardware firewall is the best option because it offers the best solution for small business that are looking to protect their incoming and outgoing network traffic.

There are various layers of protection. These include anti-virus and anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, device control, application control, and network access control.


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