data breachThe best way to protect your company from the cost and nightmare of a data breach is to prevent them in the first place. But, before you can do that, you have to understand them first. Here is a guide that helps describe the cost and types of data breaches that you may encounter as a business owner and how you can prevent the incidents of data breaches from taking place.

What is a data breach and how does it happen?

A data breach can happen when a cybercriminal accesses sensitive information and data. These are very costly and may reach up to $3.16 million, not to mention the irreparable damage it will cause the company’s reputation. It will also cost time as it takes an average of 280 days to determine and contain the data breach.

There are many methods that you can take to stop the data breach from artificial intelligence to incident response preparedness. But, when you are running a small business, or just want how to prevent data breaches from taking place, there are a few things that you need to know.



Physical actions – hackers can also get to your network through physical actions like stealing phones, laptops, paperwork, or even storage devices.

Social engineering – one good example is phishing wherein cybercriminals send infected emails that look like they came from legitimate companies so that hackers can get access to sensitive information.

Human error – data breaches are not always caused by malicious activities. Accidents could take place any time and in some cases an individual just leaves sensitive data in a place that’s not protected or perhaps accidentally sends it to the wrong individual or people.

How to prevent a data breach incident?

Educate your staff – one of the best ways to stop data breaches is by fighting ignorance. It’s crucial to educate your staff about the right methods of protecting data from becoming compromised. You could do this by helping your employees understand how you can make strong passwords, how often should passwords be changed, and by helping them detect, avoid, and report phishing as well as other suspicious cyber activities.

Make and update your procedures – come up with procedures that are linked to data security standards and make sure to update them on a regular basis.

Remote monitoring – offers 24/7 network monitoring. You can hire a managed IT services provider so that you don’t need to check up on your people all the time to monitor your network and systems for you.

Data backup and recovery – you should back up your data so that it can easily be recovered in case your information was deleted because of a server crash or natural disaster. So be sure to back up your data and hire experts that offer data recovery Charleston SC.

Protect physical data – protect all information including physical files. They must be stored in a location that is secured with restricted access to only those who require access to such data or files.

Update your security software – all your security software must be updated on a regular basis. These include anti-spyware, anti-virus, and firewalls.

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