managed cybersecurityYour business emails may have been compromised if you use Microsoft Exchange servers for your business. Chinese hackers used security holes in certain server versions to siphon off email communications. This was the latest incident to target businesses of all sizes. It is only the tip of the cybercrime iceberg, however, when it comes to scams, cyberattacks, and frauds. Managed cybersecurity is crucial in these cases to protect your business data.

We’ll discuss cybersecurity and how managed service providers (MSPs) can help your business eliminate threats. Plus, we’ll examine the costs of cyberattacks.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to the protection of data, hardware, and software from theft, damage, disruption, and any other cyberattack that may be caused by unauthorised access to computer systems.

Cyberattacks can affect any business, even a single asset that is vulnerable or an insecure connection. Unintentionally, one employee can put your business data at stake.

Let’s look at some of the most common cyberattacks and internet-based criminal activity:

Business Email Compromise: This scam compromises business email accounts in order to transfer funds without authorization

Data breach in corporate settings: The release of confidential, sensitive and private business data from a secure environment to an untrusted location.

Data breach: An incident that results in the loss or spillage of sensitive personal data, or a security incident that leads to sensitive data being stolen or used by an unauthorised individual

Malware/Scareware/Virus: A piece of code or malicious software intended to damage, disable or destroy data or copy itself onto a computer to produce a harmful effect

Phishing scam: Unsolicited emails, text messages and phone calls purportedly coming from a legitimate business asking for login, financial and/or personal credentials.

Ransomware attack: Malicious software which will prevent the access from a computer system in order to extort – the system owner cannot get access to the system up until the ransom has been paid

How can you spot weak security points that could compromise your system?

A managed cybersecurity provider

What is managed cybersecurity?

Managed cybersecurity is a service that your company hires from a managed IT service provider to help identify and fix vulnerabilities, prevent threats, and protect your data.

You can trust your managed IT service provider to handle cybersecurity tasks when you outsource them.

  • Dark web monitoring allows you to detect sensitive information immediately from your business
  • Email testing, filtering and scanning for phishing scams and any other email compromise
  • Implementation anti-spam, antimalware and antispyware programs
  • Remote monitoring mobile devices and firewalls, routers, access points
  • Any issues that arise should be resolved quickly
  • Regular application updates and network maintenance
  • To secure office network access, a Virtual Private Network is set up.
  • Managing Unified Communications as a Service for Remote Teams
  • Regular Microsoft patch deployment via group management policy

This is a good example of how a trusted managed cybersecurity provider could have helped you to restore your Microsoft Exchange email after the attack.

cybersecurityWhy is Managed Cybersecurity so Important for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?

Cybersecurity might not be something that comes to mind immediately for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Due to the high volume of sensitive information they deal with daily, multinational corporations and large corporations are more likely to be interested in cybersecurity.

This has been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

McKinsey & Company says that SMEs are more interested in cybersecurity today because cybercriminals have been targeting and attacking SMEs who have moved to remote-only mode since the pandemic.

“The result was a fourfold increase in (SME) attacks – everything from email phishing to credential theft and social engineering attacks against end points – as cybercriminals attempted to exploit this historic transition, to find security flaws that would allow them into corporate networks.”

The lack of cybersecurity specialists in the in-house workforce is one of the reasons small and medium-sized businesses have not placed a strong emphasis on cybersecurity.

This problem can be easily solved by a managed IT provider.

How an MSP can help you prevent cyberattacks

It is impossible to predict when an attack will occur or who/what the target will be.

Cyber insurance can help you protect your business. However, it is still a “uncharted territory”, as Warren Buffet said back in 2018.

In his own words:

“We know the probabilities of a quake and a hurricane, but not as much about cyber. This is uncharted territory for insurance and it will only get worse.

A managed service provider might be the best option for small and medium-sized enterprises that don’t have plans to hire cybersecurity professionals in-house.

Managed IT services providers can help you:

  • Assess risks and identify vulnerabilities
  • Secure networks, systems and connections
  • Regular testing, scanning, and monitoring
  • Backup your data to cloud and offsite servers
  • Create recovery strategies for various scenarios
  • No matter what, ensure business continuity

Are You Ready to Take Action? Secure your data with managed cybersecurity services

Do your part.

Your cyberspace part is home to your confidential and sensitive corporate data as well as personal information about your clients or customers.

Get it now before it’s too late

Your organization shouldn’t be a target for cyberattacks. Instead, identify, prevent, defeat and mitigate threats, reduce risks, and protect data with the assisstance of your managed cybersecurity service provider like SpartanTec, Inc, of Charleston, SC.

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