managed security servicesMany companies are seeking out the help of experts offering managed security services to obtain security expertise and cut back the workload of their in-house security employees. If you want to learn more about this option, here are a few things you need to understand.

What are managed security service providers?

Third-party companies like SpartanTec, Inc. offers managed security service providers for the administration and oversight of the security processes of a company. Managed security service providers perform the services either remotely or in-house, generally through the cloud.

Managed security service providers or MSSPs provide a wide range of security services, from establishing the infrastructure through incident response or through security management. A few managed security service providers have specialties in some areas while others give full IT outsourcing services.

Organizations opt to work with MSSPs for different reasons, generally, this decision is due to a lack of in-house expertise or resources for some areas of security or perhaps the need for security management and monitoring outside of the usual operating hours. In other instances, companies would hire MSSPs to perform security audits or check as well as respond to incidents.

Benefits of Hiring a Managed Security Service Provider

The main advantage of managed security services is the additional staffing as well as the security expertise they offer. MSSPs can manage security processes remotely and lets enterprises perform regular business operations with minimal intrusion because of security initiatives while the MSSP interface will retain a line of communication as well as seamless reporting to the company. MSSPs make sure that the company IT is always updated with the state of the security audits, maintenance, and security issues, allowing the hiring companies to concentrate on security governance instead of administrative tasks.

There is a range of security services being provided by IT support companies these days, from full IT outsourcing to specialized services that concentrate on a certain component of the security of the enterprise. Through IT outsourcing, companies are generally able to realize the cost savings by getting rid of the need to keep a fully staffed, on-site, and full-time IT security team. A lot of companies also hire MSSPs for quicker deployment times, and enhanced time to value on the security investments.

Why Use Managed Security Services?

Despite the increasing awareness of the need to set in place proactive security approaches, a lot of companies continue to delay the implementation of sound security measures until they have suffered a loss due to a data breach. The number of data threats and cyber attacks is growing, and it’s important that companies put IT security first. Whether a company is insufficient in security program maturity or just wants to widen its security capabilities, MSSPs are quite valuable due to their continuous oversight, fast evolution, and early threat detection.

Not only that, MSSPs can performing penetration and vulnerability testing, conducting routine security scans and taking care of other functions that are important for security management.

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