firewallsManagement of expenses is essential for any business. It is especially important for smaller businesses that have a limited budget. Your organization’s sustainability will depend on how you spend those resources. You need hardware firewalls.

We know the difficulties faced by small business owners when it is time to spend on digital security and network costs. It is important to understand that the cost of network and digital security services is justified.

Are the potential negative consequences worth the bednefits?

The dangers of digital security have never been greater. It is essential that we protect the data that allows us maintain small businesses.

Cybercrime statistics show that all businesses face the same security risks and challenges.

We feel it is essential to understand the role of hardware firewalls in small business security.

Hardware firewalls are essential for small businesses

Cybercrime is a problem for small, medium and large businesses. Many people associate cybercrime with banks and large corporations. The statistics offer a different perspective. Cybercrime does not only affect large-scale operations or data breaches. Cybercrime can be felt at all levels.

Forbes published a 2019 article that highlighted the shocking fact that 58% all cybercrimes were committed against small business. Forbes also highlighted the high cost of these crimes for small businesses, which further illuminates the danger. Companies with less resources are often hit hard by the high cost of recovering from cyberattacks. Cyber Security Ventures’ annual report on cybercrime stated that cybercrime damage worldwide will reach $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Trends show that small businesses are more likely to be targeted. This is due to the assumption small businesses are less secure and easier to hack. A criminal may find it more lucrative to collect valuable information from smaller sources than to concentrate on large-scale ventures. Many criminals simply have more resources than they need to handle small-scale crimes.

This article by the Associated Press provides additional information on cyberattacks that small businesses face. You can also consult Network Coverage Managed IT Services for expert advice.

What is a hardware firewall?

It is essential to understand the role of a hardware firewall in your critical security. This will help you make an informed decision about your business.

Imagine a hardware firewall functioning in the same way as security at an airport. This comparison wouldn’t have been possible thirty years ago. The security and monitoring of airports was much lower. Even passengers without tickets could travel with them all the way to the gate. The times have changed dramatically. It’s no longer a common idea to walk a friend or family member to the gate and watch as the plane takes off.

cybersecurityCybersecurity checks are now in place. Passing through security is impossible for anyone without proper credentials and a flight ticket. The airport has been divided into two distinct areas. Only a small part of the airport is accessible to the public. The rest is restricted to staff or passengers. The security system uses a complex and extensive set of technology and rules to make sure that only safe and approved entities can enter.

A hardware firewall is the same. It is a physical device which stands between two parts. These two parts are usually a server or a computer. The server is the area that is less restricted. The computer, however, is beyond security.

A hardware firewall acts as a gateway with rules and resources that restrict the flow of safe and approved resources to the computer. A hardware firewall monitors the flow of resources from the computer to the server, but this goes beyond the airport metaphor.

Hardware firewalls, such as routers, are powerful and complex tools that can also use software to force all traffic (data), traversing the connection for inspection. A set of rules can be used to grant or deny access.

The core benefits of a hardware firewall

Additional support: Hardware firewall products often offer additional IT support, which includes troubleshooting and configuration assistance, as well as the ability to make quick adjustments.

Port access control: This refers to the ability to have nuanced oversight over the rules embedded in the hardware. If anyone has access to the hardware, or if it is restricted to administrators or developers, laws can be applied.

Stock rule-setting is a set of default guidelines that can be installed to apply to all traffic flowing through the firewall.

Managed traffic: Get full control over all traffic that can and cannot reach the server.

You can free up resources by using a hardware firewall to manage a whole network of devices. This gives you the opportunity to eliminate software-based firewalls, and frees up processor and memory capacity. This is a great way to make space for your business.

Add a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Hardware firewalls allow for the application of an additional layer of robust and complex security. A VPN service allows a business to manage access and security for all critical parties with an internet connection, from almost any location. This is an extremely useful security feature for employees who work remotely or from their home.

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