disaster recovery as a serviceDisaster Recovery as a Service is an IT outsourcing model wherein a third party company backs up an organization’s servers using a cloud based infrastructure. In case of a disaster, whether it’s manmade or natural, the company could immediately switch to the backup as soon as their primary systems go offline.

What Does a DRaaS Provider Do?

In case of a disaster, companies can easily grind to a halt. DRaaS provides hope to limit the negative effect of IT disasters, by helping companies resume their operations as soon as possible.

These 3rd party data recovery services providers are cloud based and are not part of the company’s main IT systems. This means they could offer different services to limit the effect of IT disasters. These providers offer various services which aim to stop data loss, protect the data of clients, and decrease the required downtime.



Choose a Disaster Recovery as a Service Provider

Pickup up a disaster recovery as a service in Charleston SC as an integral part of a data recovery plas. It’s a huge decision, which must be based on various factors. Top DRaaS companies offer a wide range of disaster recovery services, with different options for firms to choose from. If you’re operating a small company and your primary concern is unexpected downtime, or you are running a bigger business where information security is important, you need to find a DRaaS provider that can provide you with your needs. When looking for a DRaaS provider, there are factors that you have to consider.

Tailored services – great DRaaS companies can tailor the services they offer to suit the needs of their clients. There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution in this sector so you need to talk to different DRaaS providers about the services they offer. Talk about your essential operational needs and ask how they can support your current disaster recovery plans, if you have one.

Office space – If the office space is important for your firm, be sure that your DRaaS provider could offer you the support you need. Check providers that offer fully equipped office spaces for your employees and be sure that their facility has everything that your team will need to do their job.

Location – another important factor to consider is the location of your data recovery services provider. They should be located in a safe distance from possible major threats that could affect your main site. However, they should still be located near you so that they could easily help you get back to business as soon as possible. Always remember that every second count.

How much does DRaaS cost?

DRaaS providers offer different rates according to the level of service that their clients need. Dealing with popular DRaaS providers such as Microsoft Azure Cloud have higher annual fees compared to providers that are less popular. Aside from that, it offers more technical expertise and knowledge, which could also explain its increased fees. A few DRaaS providers will charge extra retrieval fees depending on the amount of information that needs to be recovered.

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