data recovery services The hurricane season is underway and you need data recovery services to protect your business. You have to focus on safeguarding your critical data so that your business is up and running in case there’s a natural disaster.

If you have not secured your business yet with data recovery services Charleston SC, do not wait for a storm to threaten your business before you take action. Although it becomes one of your priorities during hurricane season, disaster recovery is the an insurance policy that your business, whether it’s big or small, need throughout the entire year.

Unfortunately, a lot of firms don’t acknowledge the importance of having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan until their business needs it to remain operational. You need to make sure that your business is prepared. Read on to learn what the important components are of a disaster recovery plan during hurricane season.

Disaster Recovery Time Objective

Data backup is a type of long term protection that could take months or even years. For instance, if you have to recover a file that you may have lost a few weeks back, but it’s not urgent, data backup can help. Disaster recovery, on the other hand, is needed when the systems are down and you have to recover your latest data in a few minutes. These two types of time objectives are different but they are both important for your company.



Disaster Recover Point Objective

The data version that you access during a disaster recovery scenario, referred to as the disaster recovery point, is just as crucial as the time spent retrieving your data back online. With the backup, it’s not always needed to find alternative data retrieval points, however, it’s crucial to use this way during a disaster. During hurricane season, companies can replicated information with different copies across several locations to mitigate the risk of losing data. Companies can also turn to private or public clouds for data storage in case it is not feasible to set in place the infrastructure that will support a disaster recovery plan.

The Network Component of Data Recovery Services

The most challenging and overlooked part of a disaster recovery process is the network component. When you replicate the data to alternative sites, you should have the same data and applications running as your home site. It is not only data transfer from one point to another. It’s important to have a network infrastructure that’s made to support and configure the function of data transfer and transit. If you failover from a single site and then to another, it must look seamless. If your site is in Charleston, SC and you route it to a different location, it should look the same. That could only happen if you are tapping into data and applications, and networking that’s supported by redundant, modern network architecture.

Data Locality

Aside from making data transit appear seamless, data locality is required to get operations back online right away. If you are only replicating data, you have to pull that information down to a different site and that would require time, apart from the time spent turning these services back on immediately. But, if you’re close enough to the data to cut back on its latency, then you could decrease the time required to restore the services.

Business Continuity Office Space

Although it is high unlikely for your office space to become uninhabitable because of a manmade or natural disaster, it’s crucial to have a secure and safe space where you can keep your business going. Don’t let floods, power outages, disaster, or sprinkler malfunction to prevent your business operations. Business continuity office space can be customized so that it will fit your business needs in a secured, private as well as temperature controlled suites, that are powered by network and diesel generators.

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