cybersecurityThe cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve and hackers come up with new strategies to breach the technology systems of businesses on a daily basis. Cyberattack prevention strategies must be set in place to protect your business. This holds true for all small businesses as they are considered to be an easy target for cybercriminals.

Smaller firms do not have the same budget as large corporations. Their tighter budget and limited resources often make it harder to invest in the latest technology that large companies can, which leaves them more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Although there are new risks that comes with the digital age, there are some practices that you can implement to protect your business.



Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses

Install Firewalls

Your company’s first line of defense against cybercriminals is the firewall. They are made to block incoming network requests and traffic that come from insecure websites or malware. All devices including the computer, tablets, smartphones, and payment terminals, should be equipped with an updated anti-virus software and firewall.

Additionally, you should consider having a data backup. Important transactions and business data should be backed up daily on to a cloud, server, or a separate hard drive. This step could provide another level of protection to your accounts and online activities. You can ask SpartanTec, Inc. about their backup and disaster recovery services. You should also consider using separate authentication processes and networks for your payment terminals as well as your other business operations.

Set Up Existing Security Features

You should also use two-factor authentication. Several online payment services and financial institutions lets you authenticate your account by adding a single use code that’s been sent to your email or phone. You could also ask your bank to send you alerts in case they notice suspicious activities in your account.

Train Your Employees

Businesses of any size could use technology for their protection against cybercriminals. But always remember that your systems and processes are only as good as those that use them. So, you need to educate your employees, who are your front line responders, to know the threats as well as the security measures that you have set in place, and provide them clear directions for reporting suspicious activities, regardless of how seemingly innocent or small.

And be sure that you and your staff use passwords that are difficult to guess, unique, and complicated. Change the logins and passwords, usernames, and utilize a secure password manager app that you can use to store them.

You should take the needed steps so you can invest in the latest and most efficient technology and security systems Charleston SC and educate your staff on the appropriate procedures can help protect your company from the ever changing cybersecurity threats nowadays.


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