cybersecurityBecause of the coronavirus pandemic, companies in different industries boosted their digital transformation efforts so that their online operations are made a lot easier for their clients and employees. However, with a rising number of companies online, the cyberattack surface is increasing at a record pace. The more applications that have vulnerable code, the more chances for a cybersecurity attack.

There are three important trends in technology that will affect cybersecurity, as well as software security, in the coming years.



Cybersecurity Trends

Ubiquitous Connectivity

Consider how fast the world and everything in it has started to become interconnected. Have you ever wondered if you will see a day where you can surf the internet from your fridge or turn the tv using voice command? When 2019 ended, there were already 7.6 billion active IoT devices and this number is expected to grow to 240.1 billion during the year 2030. Aside from that, business are moving their apps to the cloud.

However, IoT devices as well as cloud connected software are going to bring more risk. The 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report said that the web applications were the source of more than 39 percent of data breaches, which is twice the amount in 2019. Aside from that, 5G and wireless will add to the connectivity. Consider the number of people who have smartphones checking all their emails or making purchases online without using a firewall. These interfaces depend on APIs. However, without the appropriate security, the APIs will become the main target for cybercriminals. Therefore, there will be an increased focus on the API security, shared responsibility model and zero trust models.

Abstraction and Componentization

Consider how fast firms release new technology or software. It seems like each time you turn around there will be another update for Apple. However, the speed of the software developments isn’t shocking anymore because it has become expected. Firm have to release the software fast if they want to stay competitive.

In order to move quickly, several development teams are not just turning to the clouds but also to microservices. With these microservices, the development teams could break down the in-depth apps into the tiniest possible reusable logic blocks to bring them together into business workflows or processes.

Hyperautomation in Delivery of Software

How fast the deployment is an important factor in terms of becoming competitive especially if you are part of the software market. And the speed would continue to be a primary factor in the coming years, which will bring hypercompetitiveness to companies.

Companies are expected to automate as many processes as they can. These include development processes as well as processes that play a part in the software delivery. The pipeline automation and DevOps will be expectations and not just goals. And all things that could be code, would be code, compliance as code, security as code, as well as infrastructure as code. Cybersecurity must also be automated. The security team would become much less operational, and would lean towards an auditing role. Developers would take care of the application security testing as well as automating scans into the processes and tools that are being used.

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