managed IT servicesModern business has a lot of ongoing IT tasks that has to be managed regularly and that’s when managed IT services come into the picture. There are devices and equipment that needs to be checked and monitored and cybersecurity measures have to be set in place to keep the business secured from various kinds of online threats. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the resources to manage these tasks in-house. Fortunately, you can hire a third party company to help you out.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services involves outsourcing some IT functions to a third party company, which is also called managed it services providers. The functions that are outsourced could be as basic as maintaining IT equipment as well as other services to make sure that they are fully functional.



Why Does Managed IT Services Matter?

Technology Growth – technology among businesses always changes and they care becoming more complicated every year. The company’s IT team needs to come up with different ways to support all these devices while making sure that the company information is kept secured. The daily IT work of a company can easily balloon so that it could keep up with the way that businesses use technology these days.

Fill The Talent Gap – As IT work becomes more complex, there’s less IT talent available. Although the unemployment rate has been at its lowest since 2000, more than 50% of business employers find it difficult to fill the job vacancies within 3 months. Professionals say that the trend will worsen, which means by 2030, there will be a shortage of skilled experts in the media, technology and telecommunications sectors.

What are the Common Types of Managed IT Services?

Data backup – protects and retains your company data and lets you recover the information as small as a single file or as big as a whole database.

Help desk solutions – a lot of company who use managed IT services have no or little IT resources in house. Managed IT services providers provide help desk services to offer their clients access to on-call IT experts who could assist them in troubleshooting their problems either on-site or remotely.

IT support services – these are useful if you need a mix of IT guidance and support. The managed IT services providers are responsible for proactively patching and managing your devices and equipment while offering insights into the way your system works and how it is expected to work.

Managed network security – frees up your IT resources through IT outsourcing. You may outsource network prevent and detection, span and virus eradication, traffic analysis and content filtering through a conventional or next generation firewalls.

Microsoft Office 365 – With several firms using cloud services, a lot of MSPs can plan, design, execute, and support Microsoft 365 to their clients.

Object Storage – this kind of data storage architecture lets a client to store big amounts of unstructured data. As companies struggle to look for ways to store great amounts of data, data storage could provide disadvantages such as reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. This kind of storage is commonly used for data such as web content, media files, backups, and documents.

Storage – There are several tiers when it comes to general data storage. The managed IT services providers will work with the client to find and use the kind of storage that will offer them the lowest cost and optimal efficiency.

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