data backupData backup is one of the many responsibilities of a business owner. They also have to ensure the continuous function and safety of their business as well as prevent disruptions such as hurricanes that could affect their bottom line. Therefore, business executives should know the dangers brought on by natural disasters as well as the destruction that natural cataclysmic events can bring.

Hurricane is among the natural disasters that can cause a lot of damage. They are unpredictable and rotate rapidly, which poses threats to any form of business. Companies are responsible for protecting their businesses, executing emergency preparedness drills, and performing incident management during hurricane season.

Fortunately, there are several preventative measures that can be taken to protect your businesses during this time of the year and through the use of incident management solutions such as disaster recovery and developing business continuity plans has become easier than ever.



Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: Preparing Your Business

Company owners and business executives should be prepared for hurricanes and acknowledge the possibility that they may disrupt their operations. So do can you prepare for the hurricane season? Here are a few steps you can take.

Plan, Prepare, and Practice

These are the three Ps that are considered as the cornerstone of an efficient disaster recovery plan. One way to prepare for a disaster is to have a plan. The NOAA and the weather forecasts are great at predicting storms. If you don’t have a plan in place, you’ll find it hard to keep your business operations going when a hurricane strikes.

disaster recoveryYou should include the identification as well as the consolidation of important business infrastructure in your business continuity plan. It must also involve data backup at offsite storage centers and getting rid of important equipment from locations that are at risk.

All these should be done before a disaster happens. Trying to do these under pressure or duress will only cause problems and lead to the loss of assets that cannot be replaced. A plan to manage mission-critical assets should be set in place ahead of time before a disaster takes place. Practice your plan and make sure it has contingency and backup plans in case unexpected events take place. Hire Charleston managed IT services if you need professional help.

Data Backup

Data backups are a crucial part of preparing for a disaster. Losing data will decimate your business operations. As a company owner, you must have backups of all your information. You’ll be able to resume operations easily if you have access to the data that you have backed up. Look for a data backup method that you’re familiar with and comfortable using. You should also back up data and be sure that you’re familiar with how the process works before disaster strikes.

Protect Your Company’s Physical Site

You should also consider storm-proofing your company’s business location. If there are materials or equipment that you’re unable to relocate, you should find ways to minimize possible damages. Generators, batteries, ad power supplies that are uninterruptible are a great way to continue your business operations in case a power loss takes place. Be sure that you have set in place plans that will help recover your workplace in case unforeseen circumstances destroys it or renders it unusable.

Work Remotely

If your business has switched to remote work, you and your staff are safe from the effects of a destructive storm. If you’re not operating remotely, you should consider switching in case a disaster may happen. You should have contingency plans set in place so you could remotely operate important business functions.

Remain Informed and Outsource Disaster Recovery

In case there’s an impending storm, you don’t have time to wait. You should recognize the dangers that hurricanes may cost including losing your valuable time, your resources, and even the lives of your employees. Having an efficient disaster recovery plan will help you resume your operations in case of a hurricane.


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