managed firewallsA managed firewall is your network security’s first line of defense. It also forms part of your company’s overall cybersecurity method. But for firewalls to continue to be effective, they need regular maintenance, checking, and management. That’s where managed firewalls come into the picture.

What is managed firewall?

A firewall isn’t a type of product that you can just set and then forget afterward. It needs regular maintenance to make sure that it protects the network well.

A managed firewall can:

Create a clear and well maintained firewall rules that could be changed when necessary.

Manage and apply policies, updates, and patches at the best time possible.

Conducts monitoring proactively along with regular reports, feedbacks, as well as analysis into the patterns of network traffic as well as possible threats.

Firewalls, including models such as next generation firewall network security, are complex types of technology. They need a certain set of skills to install, maintain, as well as execute. Firewalls have different updates and files to protect the network from threats. A managed firewall service is a type of proactive strategy that will apply updates such as manual firmware updates and monitoring to ensure that everything is up to date.

With a managed firewall, companies can get faster protection for possible intruders which needs a specialist to check and possibly respond to activities from the firewall. Whereas a firewall that is not managed, companies won’t have the same monitoring level, reporting, available resources to deal with concerns as they take place.



What are the benefits of managed firewalls?

A managed firewall provides companies with real time guarantee that the firewalls are working properly, blocking possible threats, and protecting the network from various cybersecurity threats.

If your main business has nothing to do with IT, it could be difficult to update and maintain the firewall on a regular basis especially if you don’t have the resources with the firewall expertise.

Managed firewalls could prevent threats and inform someone with the appropriate skills as well as availability to deal with it right away. Firewalls that are well managed could sometimes stop new zero day vulnerabilities right at the perimeter well before the patches are made available for the new threat.

As companies become a lot more distributed, managed technology will be crucial to the overall success of the business.

Does your company need managed firewall services?

Here are some of the reasons why your company may need managed firewall services.

Multiple firewalls – a managed firewall are advantageous for companies that use different firewalls that need regular management, upkeep, and monitoring. This holds true for companies that do not have enough firewall expertise or those who have problems keeping these kinds of skill sets. A managed firewall service will make it easier to install as well as set up new firewalls for other locations swiftly and efficiently because you already have a dedicated firewall resource.

Lack of Skills – firewalls are complicated and its management needs updated niche skills. With managed firewall services, you don’t have to worry about the tools and processes when managing the firewall infrastructure.

Leverage New Abilities – firewall abilities evolve all the time, with several other features needing configuration, having someone who will manage it for you is a must. Specialists of managed IT services will audit firewalls on a regular basis and make sure that they are updated.


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