Managed IT ServicesDo you want to know the differences between break/fix solutions and managed IT services models? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

Running a business isn’t easy and for those who make the decisions, things are even made tougher. Every decision that’s made will determine if the business will be more or less effective and efficient.

Since every business becomes more connected and to be honest, dependent on a fully functional and operational network, these decisions will become more complicated.

Break/Fix Solution Vs. Managed IT Services

Break/fix solutions are common forms of IT support. It’s mainly used by organizations who feel that they can’t afford managed IT services or who want to get rid of the burden that’s placed on their in-house IT staff.

Providers of third-party services often include this kind of option to introduce firms to their services, without having to commit to an all-in solution.




When is break-fix a good option?

A break/fix model, as its name suggests, is reactive to issues that happen. This provides the possibility of cutting back on the costs at the start. It is a good option for a small company or individual business owners. Companies that can’t afford to hire an in-house IT team due to limited resources often turn to break/fix solutions. Most of these firms are less than three years old or are single proprietors that operate from a home office.

When is it a poor option?

Break/fix solutions address hardware problems only. Even if your network goes down, they can still help you but the costs will be higher than usual.

Managed IT Services

Managed It Services in Charleston are solutions offered by firms that involve handling all the tasks that are related to managing the network of a business. These solutions include malware protection, help desk support, data backup, disaster recovery, network monitoring, hardware support, and more.

When are managed IT services a good option?

A lot of companies know the dangers of the internet and the fact that small businesses are often attacked by cybercriminals successfully than larger companies.

Managed IT services Charleston SC offers firms a team of IT support specialists without the cost that comes with it. Furthermore, support is offered round the clock and can be done remotely. This means you’ll get a whole team of IT experts on call. You don’t have to deal with healthcare expenses, vacation days, or sick days.

Still skeptical? Read this Denver Post article about small businesses that are attacked.

When are managed IT services a poor option?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the costs. Many reputable managed IT service providers can cost around $11 to $18 per hour. You have to factor that into your budget. But if you come to think of it, this cost will give you access to an entire team that can support your network. Unfortunately, some firms don’t feel like they could justify the expense. But the truth is, they don’t believe they need the kind of expert support that a managed IT service provider can give.

Keep in mind that managed IT service providers provide more consistent support since service contracts will protect you as well as your provider. They can hire the right number of employees to meet the needs of their clients. Managed IT services can also set up a network security audit to help companies in evaluating their network security, which is recommended to be done yearly by a third-party service provider or a capable third-party internal group.


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